The Infernal Path To Total Darkness

by Order of Leviathan

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released October 31, 2013

All songs produced, written, and recorded by Order of Leviathan and Zak Denham.
Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by Zak Denham at One by One Studios.
Additional Musicians: Tom King, Zak Denham, Emily Low, and AJ Lucas.



all rights reserved


Order of Leviathan Louisville, Kentucky

An infernal quest for total darkness through transcendent art.

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Track Name: An Endless Dusk
The ash of worship scattered in the seas of blasphemy.
The eyes of faith descend to the temple floor.
A endless dusk conquers a starless sky.
An Aeonic doom awakened, none-more-black.
There is no fate bound to the Human Condition.
There are no deeds met by Lakes of eternal fire.
We need not Gods, Nor Dogma, for Apocalypse.
We need not Gods, only the dark.
Hail, Darkness.

The plague hands of irrefutable truth hush the God mouth of promised salvation.
The dark spreads like fire illuminating the path of nevermore. The whispers of the wind scented with the black blood of the earth. The lifeless remains of vibrance;
all hail damnations void. The cult of Leviathan, the sons and daughters of oblivion, gather as one before the encircling black. The doorway of self lies beyond the conscious.
An endless journey into the endless dusk.

We need not Gods, only the dark.
Track Name: Nox Aeterna Omni Potens
I, betrayer of all man and Gods.
I, the spear in the side of martyrdom.
I, the last breath of every Christ.
I, the Judas eyes of rapture.
I, the reverence of genocide.
I, the proponent of extinction.
I, the Hessian of Horsemen.
I am the black death.
I shed belief. I suspend execution. I warrant revival/ I welcome Hell.

nailed to the cross, are the penitent men, the titans of man drove them in.
Nailed to the cross, are the weak and wounded, the beast in man feasts on their flesh. The void in me is the only truth, there is no remorse nor moral fortitude. There is no hope nor faith. There is only Nothingness.
There is nothing here, behind the Devil's eyes. There is nothing here, to save or proselytize.

The furious angst of vengeance has been cast upon the meek. To hold the stigmata hand of false prophets is to disavow the mouth of truth. The promise is a vortex, a subservient blinding light. The cult of wolves ascends upon those on their knees.
All hail, the end of all life. As dark begins to cease the day.

I cast a shadow in no light. I set afire the books of lies. I am the thorn in every side. I, the betrayer of man and Gods; immortalized. There is nothing here, behind the Devil's eyes, There is nothing here, to save or proselytize. I am the betrayer of man and I.
Track Name: To The Dark
The voices fade into the light, the dying sun is swallowed by black horizons. With no one and nothing; i am becoming the void. I am becoming the blood on the blade and the last knot of the noose.
Within desolation I tread, onward to a euphoric chaos, a timeless oblivion. I wash myself of humanity, I cleanse my being of false reality.

The transcendent feel of dark breathes new life into divinity.
The path unknown leads beasts of man passed human suffering. My eyes the end. my lips the vessel , my words the undying black.
The seeds of hatred sewn, the vow of true misanthropy. Eternal sacrifice avenging the faithless, as the wind swept darkness takes in it's arms; forever.

To the dark, ever onward.
Track Name: I Do Not Belong In This World
Oh sweet death show me an end that I cannot resist.
Sing to me in the howling winds, and wash me away in your blackened tides. I long for silence, I beg for nothingness. I give to you the blood in my veins, and
a pound of flesh. I offer you my final breath.

Lay two coins on my eyes. Let my ashes drift into the night. Take the beat from my heart. Let my darkness consume all light. Steal the air of my lungs. Let my hatred black out the sky. Oh sweet death show me an end I can't resist.

In the world of man I do not belong, for I belong to the dark.
In the light of grace I am no one, for I belong to Hell.
In the mouth of madness, I am reason, for I belong to chaos.

Place the noose around my neck. Let my words drift into the night. Tear my heart from my chest. Let my void consume all life.
In the world of man I do not belong, for I belong to the dark.
In the light of grace I am no one, I am Hell.

Oh sweet death take me away from this hollow place. To become the dark.
I do not belong in this world. I belong to the dark.